Stonefruit Summer Salad

Mmmm! With summer in full swing, what better side to have than a summer salad. This fresh salad is such a quick whip-together and tasted so delicious. I made this for a midweek dinner side so we fed three people but you can obviously make it for so many more.

Serves 2-4 people

4 peaches

A handful of walnuts/pine nuts

1 block of feta

A handful of basil leaves

Olive oil

Cut the peaches into bite-sized cubes and put them into a salad bowl.

Crumble a block of feta over the peaches.

Cut the basil into shreds, or use a mezzaluna and sprinkle it into the salad.

Add a handful of walnuts or pine nuts.

Drizzle with some olive oil and crack some black pepper over the salad and toss.

We had this salad with a citrus and herb butterflied Woolies chicken and some ciabatta garlic bread. A delicious mid-week, (relatively) healthy, light meal- perfect for summer!


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